Adi Amrani is a graduate of the Department of Architecture at the University of Tel Aviv (2002).

His earlier years as a young architect were focused on modeling, texturing and basically visualizing every project the office or studio was working on, a theme that repeated itself in each studio in which he worked.

Mastering the art of CG (Computer Generated) specified in architecture, led him to establish his own CG studio in 2006 based on the knowledge and experience he acquired.

Over the years, Adi has developed an in-depth understanding of how to meet his client’s requirements as quickly as possible, and in doing so also finding the right solutions during the preliminary planning stages. It is very important to work directly with the client, without any intermediaries. Most of all, there is absolutely no substitute for the rich and diverse experience acquired through working on so many varied projects.

These days, Adi personally provides his services to architects and designers. He does this whilst adhering to the most meticulous, uncompromising professional standards throughout the entire process, until the desired results are achieved and so much so, in fulfilling his clients’ requirements, he even surpasses his clients’ expectations and dreams.

His work ranges from public buildings and spaces such as hotels, showrooms, exhibits and retail spaces as well as private high-end residences.

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