Let’s go south to the Negev! pass through the old spices trail and treat ourselves with tranquility and peace, in a magical oasis.

The spactacular Kedma hotel interiors were designed by the talented architect Ruth Arad under the Nabatian tribe influences.

In this challenging project, we’ve focused on complexed modeling such as: curved walls corners, wooden senade poles and various kinds of “mashrabiyas”  some made of stone, some curved into walls and some made out of ropes.

The mashrabiya is used as a filter of light, as a screen and as an historical element.

We’ve used the opportunity of intersting use of day light and the brilliant artificial lightning design by Rama Mendelson, to explore the different hotel scences during day and night, to achive a different atmosphere.

As usual, we’ve modeled every detailed aspect in the project, even the beautiful kettle in the guest room!